10 E Jack Tenney

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10 E

The hydrodynamic architecture of the Tenney opens the door to a fresh approach to the art of riding waves. Made with the highest quality materials and our Vacuum Technology. Every board is customized in all ways: your foam specifications, rail design, rocker specs and art that really personalizes your board.

The 10-E is the widest board in the Apex line up, it is full from the nose to the tail. The 3/4″ foam core tapers to 5/8″ in the nose and tail sections. The rails are moderately boxy in the mid section and pinch in towards the blunt nose and pin tail. The board excels at maintaining speed after the drop to reach the farthest waves, and holds speed on long lines.

Size Chart


50″ 21″ 90 – 150 lbs
51″ 21-1/8″ 100 – 160 lbs
52″ 21-1/4″ 110 -175 lbs
53″ 21-1/2″ 125-195 lbs
54″ 21-3/4″ 145-220 lbs
56″ 22″ 155-240 lbs
 57″  22-1/4″  170-260 lbs

Color Chart

Technologies Involved

Vacuum Bag Technology

E-Glass / Polyester, Carbon Fiber / Epoxy

Divinycell Foam Core

Rail Band – Rail Reinforcement

Nose and Tail Reinforcement

Highest quality materials throughout

Standard, Box and Tapered Rail Design Options

Foam Thickness Options

See TECH section