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Amateur Rider
I from Gulf Shores, AL and I started skimboarding when I was 12 years old. I started competing when I was 15 years old and been doing it every since. Reason I enjoy skimboarding so much is because it’s the only thing I can take in my head an actually do it. I love that feeling of just riding that wave and being with that mystery as long as I can. I love being in the line up with all the homies and just watching everyone shred and just pass good vibes all around. There’s three main spots in Bama that I skim: Public Beach, Terry’s Cove, then Pawn Shop when it wants to break.

Primary Boards

  • I ride two shapes. The 10-E Pro model pin-tail and I ride the Apex Fish with 10-E rocker. I also prefer a 3/4 tapered rails.

Favorite Locations

  • Aliso
  • Vilano Beach