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Ive been Skimboarding for 14 years at 19 years old.
Ive been Skimboarding, Surfing, & Skating my entire life but Skimming always stuck out to me, living on the Gulf there was hardly ever Surf growing up so I Skimmed! & I found myself on a lot better terms with the ocean than I did with pavement.
There really¬†isn’t¬†anything more fun, its the ultimate medium between all board sports, its funny how anyone who Skim’s can normally Skate, Surf, Snowboard, Wakeboard, ECT. But its not the other way around, other board sport riders have trouble Skimboarding because in my opinion its the hardest Board sport in the world!

Primary Boards

  • Jack Tenney – 10-E Pro Shape

Favorite Locations

  • Cabo
  • Indian Rocks